3 Reasons Trucking Companies Install Dashcams

Heavy haul trucking is a risky business that requires experience, safety, and security. A number of issues can happen while parked and on the road, which is why it’s advised that every truck has a dashcam. These can be invaluable for liability and security for a trucking company. To ensure your machinery gets to its location safely and on time, here are a few reasons companies install dashcams in their trucks.

Why Companies Install Dashcams in Heavy Haul Trucks

1. Monitoring Drivers

Safe driving is essential for heavy haul trucking. Reckless driving can damage the load and lead to serious collisions or property damage. Dashcams allow a trucking company to review their drivers’ travel and monitor stops along the way, helping your machinery get to its location quickly. This does wonders for improving efficiency and supply chain logistics and ensuring reckless driving doesn’t occur.

2. Added Security

Heavy haul truck theft can result in heavy financial losses. If a truck has a dashcam with remote access, the company can monitor it in real time and capture any evidence in the case of an attempted theft. Cams record in high definition, which can be invaluable in the courtroom or for police to use. They may also feature GPS services, so a company can quickly locate the truck if it’s stolen, ensuring your machinery is safe.

3. Proving Accident Liability

If an accident occurs and the other party files a personal injury lawsuit, a company can use the dashcam footage to support their claim in court. It will provide clear evidence of what exactly happened during the collision. This can save them significant costs in legal fees and potential lawsuit payments.


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