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CAT 657K Scraper

Updated: Feb 22

We don't haul scrapers too often, but this challenging run was fun to complete. We picked up the front half of 657K at the Keen yard in Decatur, IL and delivered it at the Quinn Company in Foothill Ranch, CA. This half weighs just a little over 84K lbs and is 14'6 high by itself. Total permitted miles - 2461.

CAT 657K

Our dimensions:

Width: 12'10 wide

Height: 16' high

Length: 91' long

Overall weight: 141,870 lbs (16,820 lbs on steer, 56,610 lbs on drives, 51,760 lbs, 16,680 on booster).

Thank you Frank Chavez for NM route survey and shoot out to Greg Rowan's pilot car and Brian Krumm for safely and patiently escorting us across county.

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