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Manitowoc 999 Crane House

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Loaded in Riverview, FL and delivered to Walsh Construction in Chicago, IL.

Our dimensions:

Width: 10'4 wide

Height: 12'8 high

Length: 90' long

Overall weight: 144,960 lbs (17,160 lbs on steer, 57,920 lbs on drives, 53,500 lbs, 16,380 on booster). It makes this crane house about 87,000 lbs by itself.

Please call the City of Chicago for all additional help. Sue 312-744-4699 (oversize permitting system questions) or Ababi in engineering (help with high, wide and heavy loads 312-742-3815). Here is a good route to get to the Walsh construction site if you are under 13'8 high:

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