New Jersey OSOW permits

Permits valid for three travel days. Must have a permit prior to entering the state.

New Jersey permitting system:!

Contact phone number: 1- 609-963-2085 / bridge office 1-609-963-1334


Daylight hours Monday through Friday and until 12:00 noon on Saturday. No Saturday afternoon or Sunday travel or travel on major holidays for over-dimensional loads. Overweight only are not restricted for travel time.


No travel on major holidays. No travel on NJ Route 495 and the Holland Tunnel, New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and the Atlantic City Expressway. Access onto the I-95 section of the NJ Turnpike between Ridgefield and the George Washington Bridge (mp118 to mp 122) is only obtainable with permission of the Turnpike Authority, phone (732) 247-0900, extension 5429. Vehicles traveling I-95 to New York via the GW Bridge must contact Patrick C. Kennedy Traffic Safety Officer of the NJ/NY Port Authority prior to arrival, phone (201) 242-8116.


Width: 8'6" on designated roads, 8' all other roads

Height: 13'6"

Length: 53' semi-trailer on Interstate and designated highways (41' kingpin to the center of rear tandem). 48' on all other roads.

Weight: 80,000 Gross Single – 22,400 Tandem – 34,000 Tridem – 56,400


Width: 16'

Height: 16'

Length: 120'

Weight: The maximum weight that can be permitted on each axle is 800 pounds per inch of tire width. This means that four 10-inch tires on an axle would allow a maximum of 32,000 pounds on that axle; four 11-inch tires would allow 35,500 pounds. GVW over 150,000 requires special clearance from


Width: Over 14' – 1 escort; over 16' – 2 escorts

Height: Over 14' – 1 escort (Note: According to NJ Statutes, When the vehicle and/or load is over 14' in height, the permittee shall notify, before the move is made, all Public Utility Companies, NJ DOT, County, and Municipal Traffic Engineering Departments.)

Length: Over 100' – 1 escort; over 120' – 2 escorts.


"Oversize Load" or "Wide Load" signs required on all over width vehicles. Mount red flags on over width extremities and the corners of the load, or on the rear corners of an overlength load. Low beam headlights and red tail lights (on both tractor and trailer) should be illuminated.

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