North Dakota OSOW permits

Updated: Sep 2

Permits valid for three days. Must have a permit prior to entering the state.

North Dakota permitting system:

Contact phone number: 1-888-574-6683


Sunrise to sunset, including Saturday and Sunday except for loads over 16 feet wide and 110 feet long cannot travel Saturday afternoon or Sunday all day. Overweight only can have continuous travel.


Travel may be restricted on major holidays or holiday weekends depending on dimensions. (Double-check with permit office for holiday restrictions).


Width: 8'6"

Height: 14''

Length: 53' semi-trailer and load, 75 overall including load and any rear overhang Poles, pipes, beams, utility poles, etc. are not exempt from permits for length or rear overhang.

Weight: 80,000 Gross Single – 20,000 Tandem – 34,000 Tridem – 48,000.

Divisible Loads Exceeding 80,000:

You can exceed 80,000 gross without a permit on state highways as long as you are legal on all axle/group weights and you are licensed for at least the amount of your gross weight. However, if you need any Interstate route, you will need to get an "Interstate Permit."


Width: 18'

Height: 18'

Length: 120'

Weight: Steer – 12,100 for 11" tires (550 pounds per inch of tire width) Single – 24,000 Tandem – 45,000 Tridem – 60,000 Quad – 68,000 Note: ND does not like to issue overweight permits when axle group weights are not evened out as much as possible. Loads exceeding these dimensions or over 150,000 pounds are considered super loads.


Width: On 2-lane highways: Over 14'6" up to 16' – 1 escort, or may use lighted rotating or flashing amber light(s) visible for 500' from the front and rear in lieu of escort; over 16' – 2 escorts. On 4-lane highways: Over 16' – 1 escort. All highways: Over 18' - Official escort (unless exempted by Highway Patrol). Instead of a pilot car, for width over 14'6 but not over 16', maybe equipped with lighted rotating or flashing amber light(s) that are visible from the front and rear at 500 feet.

Length: Over 120' – 1 escort

Height: Over 18' – 1 escort and written clearances from utility companies.


Spring thaw load weight restrictions on non-Interstate highways go into effect sometime in February and last into May and even much later on a few highways. Weight restrictions range from legal weight only to 8-tons, 7-tons, and 6-tons per axle. Ton-mile exceptions are sometimes available, but they are very expensive. Check with Sammons Permit Office.


"Oversize Load" sign is required on the rear of the vehicle when the overall length exceeds 75'. All over-dimensional loads must have flags on the traffic side of the load front and rear. Over width and over height loads only require flags, not signs.

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